Gazelle Events Top Katz’s List

ESPN personality and college basketball analyst Andy Katz put out earlier this fall a list of top games to watch during the early part of the season. In a move that I not only agree with but love because it is featured in our event in the 2K Sports Classic, he featured the match-up of the Johnnies vs. Arizona. Both teams coming off great seasons. Both teams with something to prove this year. With a lot of young talent both Coach Lavin and Coach Miller will be looking to swing some early season momentum in their favor.

So you got St. John’s. This team is basically a dream team of freshman recruits. In his first year on the recruiting circuit Lavin was able to swing some big names towards Queens and this is undoubtedly due to his charismatic nature and is, as Red Storm fans are hoping for, indicative of the future to come at St. Johns(Although seeing Steve in flashy suits on ESPN during their high school years probably didnt hurt the coaches chances of obtaining these prospects).

Coach Miller also has unproven talent but the story for the ‘Cats will be the replacement of Derrick Williams. Although he was a huge talent Zona definitely has reasons to be excited. Josiah Turner has been talked about as one of the best potential point guards in the nation, and someone who is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

With so much new talent and two teams who will be looking to take their respective conferences this year it’ll be hard to skip over this game on the tv guide in November.


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