King of the Hill

By Nayriah Bosley

With official practice starting and another basketball season just around the corner, the Arizona Wildcats are looking forward to another great season following last year’s run to the Elite Eight.

Junior forward Solomon Hill from the University of Arizona began his 2011-12 preparations in his hometown of Los Angeles, Calif.

While back home, Hill played in the Sayno Classic Summer Basketball League and relished the competition.

“I got to play with guys like Bryce Jones from UNLV, Drew Gordon from New Mexico, and (UA teammate Jordin) Mayes also played with me a little bit,” said Hill. “It was competitive and I really had fun. We were able to win the championship.”

Hill expects his third year at Arizona to be his best so far, and it is off to a good start. Right now, he is focusing on helping the incoming freshman get used to the game, but he is also starting to notice that some of his teammates are making a transition with their ability to become stronger competitors.

“It’s my third year being here and I know for a fact that it’s a transition for the freshman,” Hill explained. “The sophomores are really getting used to it. I just want to help my teammates in any way possible.”

After three years with the same coach and the same system, Hill has discovered that he has a leadership role on the team. It’s not as easy as it looks to be a leader, but because of his experience on the team he finds himself comfortable in that role.

“I have to really take it upon myself and work hard in practice to show the freshmen the right way to do it, because I’ve been there as a freshman, and I really struggled sometimes,” he said. ”I think just being there for them and showing them the way shows that I play a part as a leader.”

Now that All-American Derrick Williams has departed for the NBA, Hill has been working hard to fill some of that void.

“With Derrick gone, I’ve been working hard on my low post game and spot-up shooting,” said Hill. “I really need to be able to knock those shots down.”

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