“Turner”-ing a Corner

By, Nayriah Bosley

Josiah Turner

The basketball season has officially begun for the Arizona Wildcats and freshman point guard Josiah Turner is progressing nicely in his field.

Turner’s transition from high school basketball to college basketball has been difficult, but that is to be expected. Through the first two regular season games, the 6-3 native of Sacramento, Calif., has averaged 3.5 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game.

He is learning the game better and taking notes from more experienced players on the team, such as UA junior forward Solomon Hill.

“I think Josiah is discovering who the go-to-guy is on the team.” Hill said, “When we go to New York he’ll have a good mindset by then. I am trying to tell the guys that we can finish this and become much better.”

Hill continued, “Josiah needs to know who he is throwing to and when he should be delivering the ball.”

Turner knows that college basketball is a big adjustment from the high school game.

Josiah Turner drives to the hole against Duquesne on Wednesday night in the 2k Sports Classic.

“It’s been cool playing for Arizona so far; I have to be a bigger and stronger competitor coming out of high school.” Turner said, “I have to put in work to get to where everyone else is on this team.”

With all of the pressure that has been put on Tuner, he believes that it is for the better. Turner’s ultimate goal for the season is to win the NCAA Championship.

Arizona’s head coach Sean Miller believes that Turner really stands out for such a young player.

“He’s really a fun guy to play with on offense because he passes the ball.” Miller said, “The more open court situations he’s in, the more comfortable he is.”

Tickets for the Championship Rounds of the 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coach vs. Cancer at Madison Square Garden can be purchased by calling 866-448-7849 or at ticketmaster.com.


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